The volunteering experience in the small town of Trujillo was my first experience of such sort. I found this opportunity on a website called Work Away. What really got me interested in this project was the fact that primarily the organization concentrates on helping street dogs as well as teaching English to local children and adults. I believed this to be an exciting project and therefore decided to get into contact with William who is in charge. William responded very quickly and in a very informative manner, so it was not long before all the questions I had were answered and I found myself at the bus stop in Trujillo waiting to be picked up by William.

William is an incredible host, he makes sure that all the volunteers feel extremely welcome and tries to do everything in his power to make the stay of the volunteers as much fun and entertaining as possible. Every weekend he has a different activity planned for the group such as sand boarding, camping, going to a bar or club or visiting some archaeological sites where we all learn things about the history of Trujillo.

Throughout the week volunteers also have the possibility to attend salsa and bachata lessons as well as spanish lessons which is a one on one lesson, moulded exactly to the level of spanish that the volunteer has. Now, for the most important part; I personally chose to help out at the dog shelter. This experience was far more emotional and fulfilling than I would have ever expected. Mariella, the woman who gives her absolute best at saving as many dogs as possible and giving a safe and healthy environment to the ones she has kept (19) also has one of the best hearts a person could have. She is the most friendly woman who for many people should become an example of how to do some good in the world.

Our daily work with the dogs in the shelter would include: walking the dogs, feeding them, washing them, giving them water to drink, playing with them, cleaning up the area they live in. Sometimes the days were more serious where we would pick up abandoned, injured or sick dogs with a car and would take them to the vet for vaccinations, x-rays, stiches or skin treatments.

It was hard to see the animals suffer when they went to the vet, many of them scared and nervous. It was in these moments when you realize what a difference you are making, even if it is just stroking a dog to help it calm down on its way to the vet. Mariella has a heart of gold to be doing this day in and day out and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of that for 2 months in total.

The friends at the volunteer house are also some that you will keep for way beyond your time at Peru Vivential.

I truly appreciate the time I spent there and the people I met, thank you!

Maria Thierbach


My time in Trujillo and with the organisation Peru Vivential was really great. Everyone is so nice and it's a perfect mix of work and having fun. I love that we had fun activities every weekend, like surf and sandboarding and dance classes in the weeks. I was teaching English and the adult classes were lovely to have, they gave so much energy back! The kids in the children classes were sweet and sometimes wild like kids mostly are and they really appreciated playing fun games to learn. I stayed in a host family which I really recommend, they were caring and just lovely. I was supposed to stay one month but stayed two and would have loved to stay at least one month more. With an improved Spanish, new friends and an amazing experience I feel really happy with my trip and choice of destination. I can warmly recomend this place to go and volunteer at.

Jessica Dennerlov


I spent 3 weeks with Peru Vivential with my boyfriend in June 2016. Of our 7 month trip, the time we spent in Trujillo was truly unforgettable and memorable! We also made some great friends which made our time there even better. The dog shelter volunteering was an amazing experience, we were so sad to leave and we miss the dogs so much!! If we ever return to Peru, we will definitely return to Trujillo. William the coordinator is a great guy and does a fantastic job from start to finish, he is a credit to the organisation! I urge everyone reading this to get involved with Peru Vivential if you have the chance, you will not regret it!

Demi Cross & Aaron Parker


My volunteering experience in Trujillo was one I won't forget! It's not just about the volunteering but the amazing experience in the house that comes along with it. We all had so much fun together, heading down to the beach, cooking 'family' dinners or going on the weekly trips organised for us. The volunteering itself was tough to come to terms with at first, the dogs really do need all the help you can give, but it's so rewarding and we had a great time at the shelter giving them lots of cuddles and I didn't want to say goodbye at the end!

Alice Wright


Wow! What an incredible experience! I stayed here for a week and worked at the dog shelter. I helped with whatever the dogs needed, cleaning, brushing, washing, or walks on the beach! It was such rewarding work! And since I absolutely love dogs, it didn’t feel like work at all.

The dogs are very friendly and loving! All they wanted was to be pet and get some love and attention. It was amazing to see how these dogs live together so well! That is not easy to do with close to 40 abandoned dogs! But the people who work at the shelter are really great, and have worked with the dogs to create this happy, healthy community! I loved getting to know the dogs and their different personalities! Often times, they receive dogs that are injured, and they get the dog the necessary medical treatment and do whatever they can to get the dog healthy again.

I was glad to volunteer for this kind of dog shelter, where each dog is cared for, respected, and loved! In addition to working at the shelter, being a part of the community of volunteers was incredible too! I met such wonderful people! William is so nice, helpful, and generous! He coordinates both the dog shelter and teaching programs, does a really good job at leading and organizing, and is always there if you have a question.

As a solo traveler, it was awesome to walk through the door of the volunteer house, and instantly make friends! We did a lot together, shared meals, went shopping, explored the city, went to the beach. And William also coordinates special activities throughout the week like salsa classes, Spanish classes, and tourist trips to the amazing ruins surrounding the city! He also gave us a lot of information for whatever else we wanted to do in the area, and was passionate about teaching us about Peruvian culture and the Spanish language! I really enjoyed my time here! Although you have to make a donation to the volunteer programs, it is definitely worth it!!! William and all of the volunteers are doing great things for Trujillo, and I was proud to be a part of that. I wholeheartedly recommend this project.

Lotte Smerchback


I volunteered with the children and it was a really great experience! The kids are soo adorable! At the beginning it was a bit challenging, but once you feel comfortable and know what you are doing you don't ever want to leave again! I miss those kids! I have learned a lot myself as well and I want to thank William for this opportunity. It was very eye-opening. It's definitely something I want to keep doing.

I have met amazing people. Hanging out and exploring Trujillo and Huanchaco with the other volunteers was so much! And all the extra activities William planned for us! You were never bored. Something exciting or funny was always happening. So sad to leave. But I will never forget it. I hope for a reunion in the future...

I definitely recommend this volunteering! And again, thank you William and I wish you all the best :)

khatherina Star


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